Why My Canada Visa Application Was Twice Rejected
This was quite painful when it happened; However, it taught me a very important lesson every immigrant applying for both direct entry and student Visa should know.
Student Visa Application
I will use this medium to take you through how I started my student visa application. The first thing I did was to find a good institution offering the course I wanted to go for.
What to look out for when looking for a good school to study abroad
  • The tuition fee.
  • Course duration
  • Location
  • If the school can give accommodation and after school employment
So I got a fairly expensive school in Alberta to go for my Diploma, applied and after a week or two, was offered admission.
Around this time, my international passport was already available for collection. The next step now came to applying for Canadian VISA.
I paid as usual online and registered. However, so I won’t make any mistake, I employed the help of a travel agency who helped collate all the documents needed.
  • My Language Proficiency Test Result
  • Police Report
  • First Page (International Passport)
  • Registration form
  • Sponsor’s statement of account
All documents were checked at the Canadian VISA office and I knew I fulfilled all righteousness. I also did my capturing and I went believing all is well. Alas! It was far from well when I got the response and it was denied. The response stated “we are not convinced you intend to leave Canada after your program” Again, I was encouraged by friends and family to pursue this endeavour and employ the service of an immigration lawyer which I did. A whole lot of documents were included to my documents to submit stating why my application was valid. Without much Ado, the response was still denied. However, this time they explained and this explanation opened my eyes to exactly what Canada officials wanted to see; the most important document. See the response below: ” We are not convinced you would leave after your program ends ” We wonder how you will survive in Canada if your sponsors decides to stop sponsoring your education in Canada“ That was it! They wanted to see my account statement and the absence of one in my application simply means I do not have any money. Thanks to this response, I knew what was missing and exactly how to fix it. This one thing is important not only to Canada but to all developed countries you would love to immigrate to. I hope this content was really of benefit to you. Kindly comment and ask your questions. I would love to hear from you.

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