Why do countries set travel bans?

The word “Ban” creates serious hindrances to previously flowing business transactions or movement. A ban signifies a blockage that if flaunted with attract fines or worse, prison time.

Several countries places travel ban on different materials, equipment, business transactions or even people of different countries from entering their countries for different reasons.

Why do country place bans or set restrictions in place?


The most common travel bans are due to the safety and health of the country of the receiving country. A good example is when some countries ban inflow from London when the second wave of COVID was suspected to have started spreading in the UK.

Another example is when some countries were blacklisted from entering US due to their link to terrorism.

Travel Ban Of Illegal Substances

These range from some foodstuffs containing bacteria and viruses to cocaine and marijuana. Trying to smuggle these things can lead to paying fines, prison time, or in few countries, a death sentence.

Bad Reputation

A country can decide to issue a ban on another country if it realizes that there are a large inflow of immigrants from the country and the country has a bad reputation from physical crimes, prostitution to cyber-crimes.

Closed Economy

A country can decide it would not allow the import and export of goods and services. It means it encourages being self-sufficient and no trading activities occur from outside economics.

A typical example is North Korea. Although, North Korea allows tourism, However, their guide must be followed strictly.

Dubai’s Travel Ban On Nigeria

The statement from UAE said, ” In line with government directives, passenger services from Nigeria to Dubai are temporarily suspended”. Passengers who have been to or connected through Nigeria in the last 14days are not allowed entry into the UAE (whether terminating in or connecting through Dubai). This suspension was placed as part of its Covid-19 measure

How do you by-pass this policy and enter Dubai?

You probably have to travel to Ghana which is the closest to Nigeria and spend 3 weeks before connecting to Dubai. However, now in 2022, you might find this hard to do.

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