Pre-Arrival Guide For International Students In The UK 2022

What dumbfounding joy it is when all your efforts to study in the UK finally comes to pass. Now you are preparing to travel and most times in Nigeria, only your family members and closest friends will know; the rest will when they see your pictures.

You have got the best travel bags to fit all your needed belongings and you have properly studied all the prohibited materials immigration frowns at during luggage checks. So here are the few things you should expect immediately you leave London Heathrow airport or any of the remaining 5airports especially if you travel during the winter.


You most probably expected this! What you will not expect is the severity or how harsh the cold can be especially if you have been too used to the Nigerian weather. When you are warned that it can be very cold, please believe and prepare adequately. The cold can actually be so strong that it can result in hypothermia (When the body temperature falls below 35 degrees). Also, the temperature in the airports have been controlled; so, do not be deceived.

Left And Right Hand Drive

This means the biodirectional method of keeping to the left or right side of the road when driving. The Uk drives on the left while in Nigeria, driving is to the right due to the position of the driver in the vehicle. This will surely confuse you and definitely give you some headaches on entry into the UK.

Cultural Shock And Bio-Diversity

This might start from the airport but wait until you leave the airport and all you see are white people speaking very fast english and sluring pronunciation. Surely, you would be excited and you will be straining your ears to pick words. However, you will get over it.

Unlike in Nigeria where there are hawkers hawking with loud voices in traffic, extremely friendly neighbors, loud music everywhere, etc, you will realize there is not much noise in the environs. If there is, understand that you have just arrived in a Nigerian neighborhood For example Peckham. In 2021, especially with the lockdown due to COVID-19, it is quite hard to make friends or socialize and people rarely go out during the winter. So, expect the fact that you might get a little bored.


This will surely shock you. Cooking in UK is quite different to what is obtainable in Nigeria. There is most times no common local market where you can easily shop for your Nigerian food ingredients. However, there is always one or two African stores or supermarts in the environ where you can get few Nigerian ingredients which unfortunately are not cheap. The alternative is to visit restaurants, eat healthy foods, develop your own recipe book or feed on junks and sweet foods which are relatively cheap.

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