List Of The Nicest Hotels In The World 2022

This question is very tricky and usually, we would want to judge in terms of utility, size, infrastructures, etc However, the only standard measurement used in hotel classification is ranking using nomenclatures such as Stars or diamonds.

Classification System In Hotels

Actually, it would nearly be impossible to classify hotels as there are many factors involved from Government restrictions, policies to culture, etc.

However, if we are going to be choosing the best hotel according to the star ranking, we will no doubt go with two hotels; Burj Al Arab and the Seven star Galleria as they are the only knowns 7star Hotels in the world.

This hotel has equal right to be regarded as the best in terms of size, interior decor, customer service, and expectations.

Burj Al Arab vs Seven Star Galleria

I would be basing this challenge majorly on customer experience and satisfaction. This is because both hotels are extremely big in size and breathtakingly beautiful.

Seven Star Galleria

For the Seven Star Galleria Hotel, when you book for a stay, a Bentley comes to pick you and your luggage up at the airport.

Then you have the opportunity of creation. You can create your own room, the lighting, painting, you are also asked to choose the type of bedding you want before you’re placed in the capable hands of a private butler.

The replica of this exotic treatment of creation is present in the salon-restaurant which is exclusively reserved for guests of the hotel, the Sinfonia.

The Chef proposes a different gastronomic menu every day, which is tailored to suit your taste and make you more healthy. The colors are a blend of cultural ancient Italy blended with modern designs and decor so you can enjoy both worlds.

Burj Al Arab

At this prestigious 7 star hotel, The state of the art technology speaks for itself. The man-made island has only one entrance in by road and a helipad and if by road, you are sure to come in a Rolls Royles.

The attention to detail is scary. From the duvet to the pillows to the culinary experience, everything has a story attached to it. Only the best and rare is Okay for this breathtaking hotel.

In Burj Al Arab, it’s not about the money you pay, it’s about making you genuinely comfortable and happy, and trusts me, you cannot resist the beauty.


The Spa is on the 18th floor so you can take in the view while you enjoy the different excellent sessions.


The Chefs are Michelin star chefs who will bring your culinary fantasy to life. Each meal is made with care and love and you are bound to fall in love with the cuisine.

Burj Al Arab was recently named as the best hotel in the world by the Ultratravel Awards but I will leave it to you to decide.

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