Information Requested At The Canadian Border Before Entrance

It is not news again that getting to Canada does not guarantee your entrance. You might be subjected to a few questioning and some documents check just to confirm they are not missing any requirements out.

Why is there a need for traveler’s documents to be rechecked at the border?

  • This is done to confirm if there are no alterations in the documents
  • To confirm the traveler’s destination and status in Canada
  • Immigration officers are trained to spot lies incase you are wondering why they are asking you questions which answers are written boldly on the document before them

Other reasons which might come up or not depending on what the immigration officer;

  • Verifying your residency permit or visa to process an ongoing application.
  • Check if a Temporary Resident has overstayed their admission period in Canada
  • Check for fraud and identity theft
  • Ensure that your sponsors reside in Canada (if you are being sponsored)
  • Verify the residency of spouses and partners under the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class;
  • Verify whether or not a refugee claimant entered Canada using their travel documents.

This information is mostly shared with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

What Are The Information Requested?

It should be noted that Canada has the right to share your travel information with other Government agencies like Canada Revenue Agency, Royal Canadian mountain Police, Employment, social development Canada etc

However, this information can only be released on special request or cases arises where is highly needed. Some of the required information are;

Full name, Date of birth, Country of citizenship and residence, Passport details; Date of entry or exit, contact information and history, educational, and employment information.

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