Immigration Lawyers For Deportation Issues In London

As an immigrant in the UK, London, or intending immigrant, one of the powerful weapons you should have is the service of an immigration lawyer.

Aside from the taxation law, the immigration law is one of the most complex laws which should not be taken lightly.

Any slight error in the process could see an individual deported unless the individual has a strong immigration lawyer that can find a loophole or part of the law that will vindicate the accused.

What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do?

An immigration lawyer is regarded as a specialist in interpreting the law, helping you analyze your rights, and guide you through the immigration process.

An immigration lawyer will prevent wastage of time and money by helping to prepare your paper works so nothing is lacking. He also prepares supporting documents which makes your papers consistent and correct.

Also, if you find yourself about to be deported for some errors in your documents, an immigration lawyer can fight tooth and nails using the very law that is about to deport you to exonerate you.

Immigration Lawyer near me

The following law offices boast of the finest immigration lawyers who are cost-effective However, these are the red flags to watch out for:

The lawyers that prowl the hallways of law offices trying to sweet talk you into taking their services. It’s best you get recommended to a lawyer which you go directly to.

There are also travel agents who are familiar with travel documents due to years of rubbing shoulders with lawyers; However, they are not lawyers and they cannot represent you when you need them to.

For the list of the best immigration lawyers in London, the reference would be made to “the lawyer” list of the top 200 law firms boasting of the best immigration lawyers. Check it here

Cost Of Hiring Immigration Lawyer

The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer depends on the following;

  • The law firm of the lawyer; unless it is a Pro-bono case, some law firms are really expensive and not affordable for immigrants
  • The type of case you need help for; ranges from deportation advice/application, asylum appeal to travel VISA.

The general cost ranges from £100 (charged per minutes)- £12000.

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