How To Immigrate To Australia From Nigeria

Apart from Canada, Australia is another destination of choice for people seeking to relocate or finding better condition of living outside Nigeria.

It has been reported that over 300,000 Nigerian have already gotten a permanent stay in Australia and the number is growing every day.

If you desire to join these growing number of people immigrating to Australia, then, the best VISA you should be looking at applying for are the 189, 190 Australian Visa subclasses.

189&190 Australian Visa Subclass

Before diving into it, we should be aware that the Australian Visa approval is a point based program where points have been allocated for every needed skills and certifications you have.

Immigrate To Australia From Nigeria

So the 189 and 190 subclass allows access to live permanently in Australia for skilled and nominated workers.

Once you get approval for these Visa, you can travel in and out of Australia, work and study anywhere in Australia and sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.

Holders of these Visa can also invest in Australia, get access to medicare and turn their permanent residency into Australian citizens

Application Processes For Australian Visa From Nigeria

  • Check the list of Jobs in demand and identify an Occupation you qualify for
  • Meet the minimum point on the Australian points list which is 65
  • Secure a positive skill accessment
  • Have the required language proficiency test score
  • Lodge an EOI: An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the technique of showing your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate.
  • Receive an invitation to apply
  • Then, a formal application is made
  • Police checks and report
  • Complete Medical checks
  • Appointment for collection
  • Receive PR

Processing time takes between 14-17 months; so it is advisable to start very early.

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