How To Easily Pass Your IELTS Examination

IELTS meaning (International English Language Testing System) is a language proficiency test which has been mandated to take and pass if ever you are to immigrate to Canada. Other countries might demand TOEFL but I will be focusing on IELTS.

How I Passed My IELTS

IELTS test is definitely not cheap and having to do it multiple times before passing can be very stressful financially and physically especially if you also work in an office.

I’m going to be taking you step by step on how I passed my IELTS test

Reading (8.5/9.0)

The first thing I did was to get past questions and answers (e-copy). I got like 10 years back and I practiced every weekend; 2 past questions per weekend. I was also strict with timing.

I always practice the reading aspect like I was in a real exam so as to see what I would score if actually that was my real paper. Then, I will study the corrections to know exactly why I got the missed ones wrongly.

Here, I believe running a drill using original time periods was very key to really having a high score of 8.5

Speaking (7.0/9.0)

This part was the most technical to me. You should understand that there are no past questions for this part of IELTS. The only place you can practice thoroughly is on YouTube.

You would see a lot of sample videos, tutors and tutorials; However, only few teaches the right way.

What did I learn after watching lots of YouTube videos?

There are 3 parts to the speaking aspects;

  • The General Question Aspect
  • The CUE card
  • Abstract ideas

The general question part is quite easy. For me, my examiner with a smile asked; what do you do when you wake up in the morning?

Then, we proceeded to have a very interesting conversation. I’m so sure you will ace this part.

The second part is the stage where you will be given a cue card with a topic. The examiner will give you 30 secs to think through the cue card and after, start your time which is 2minutes.

Examples of questions on the cue card includes;

  • Talk about someone you respect in your community and why.
  • Talk about a very unpleasant situation that happened during your last vacation
  • Talk about your view/perspective about the last election.

If you have never experienced the cue topic given, you are allowed to quickly create one of your own; the true test is to know if you can communicate effectively and not to find out about your life.

How to pass the speaking.

I know you might be thinking, “Oh! 2 minutes is such a small time to talk about any topic”. How wrong you are. I have seen scenerios where many finished talking and they have not even used 1minute, 30secs. So what do you do?

For any topic given, learn this trick of back tracking before hitting the main subject topic.

For example, if you were asked to talk about your last vacation, start with what prompted the vacation and why it was necessary to go for vacation before talking about the vacation itself.

If you do this, you will definitely beat the 2 minutes and the examiner would stop you.

Listening (7.5/9.0)

The major problem of listening is intonation, pronunciations and phonetics.

The second challenge you might face is your speed of picking up words because they might supply multiple answers at the same time and there is no playback. I will encourage you use past questions on listening to practice.

Writing (6.5/9.0)

I had the lowest score here and I believe it’s because of overconfidence. I’m a writer by profession and I shouldn’t have any problem writing 500 words on any subject. However, I realized the writing test is quite different.

How to pass IELTS writing

  • I would encourage you to use a pencil to write. This is so that your booklet will not be too rough. Writing on a subject you were just given requires a lot of brain activities which include visualizing, arranging into paragraphs and using the right vocabularies. (Using pencils throughout is allowed)
  • Ensure whatever you have chosen to write about, you have enough information about it.
  • Writing is the last part of the test; so be time conscious and you will achieve the goal
  • Don’t also be like me, practice!!!

I would appreciate comments and additional information you have that will help people taking the tests. Wishing you excellent results.

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