How to easily get your Nigerian international passport
The real question is what are the process of getting an international passport 2021? How long does it take and how easy it is to procure? This article will answer all the questions you have concerning getting a Nigerian International Passport and the latest changes made. DURATION Know this and know peace: You can never know the precise date you would collect your international passport after applying. You can only know the week and that is if special cases does not occur. When I was to collect my international passport, I spent around 3 months waiting. That was because the passport booklet, according to them finished and they were expecting new shipment to arrive. While mine used 3 months, I met people on collection date who applied 3 weeks earlier and we came to collect on the same day. However, if no special circumstances happens, you can apply and collect under a month. What are the steps to getting a Nigerian Passport? Follow the formal procedure listed here. What happens during collection? After application, you will be reached out to for collection and you can also track your passport progress online. However, for someone who has passed through the hurdles of collecting the international passport, trust me, the fastest way is to go through an agent (mostly in form of the immigration officers) How do I mean? The application office on the Island is designed to probably process 2000 VISAs per week and they receive more than that in a day or two. So there is bound to be disorderliness because they obviously are overwhelmed. Collection is another struggle after you have followed the application procedure. The names are not called alphabetically; infact, if your name starts with “A”, you are in for a big wait! So the people that will probably leave early are people whose names start with rare alphabets like L, O, U etc Hence, for you to leave early, you might still the need the help of VISA agents. All in all, Make sure you apply for your international passport months before you apply for your VISA or you might probably miss your flight. What are the types of Nigerian Passports you are apply for? There are 5 different passport types. Standard, Diplomatic, Official, Seamans, Pilgrims.
  • Standard – This passport type is for the general public. This is the one I currently have.
  • Diplomatic – This passport type is for protocol officers in government and Government ambassadors.
  • Official – This passport type is for Government officials.
  • Seamans – This Passport Type is for Sailors.
What is a 32page and a 64page passport? The 64 page basically gives you more rooms for travelling if you travel frequently without having to renew your passport all the time. Lastly, it’s exactly 2 years and a few days Nigeria launched it’s 10years 64page Nigerian passport for adults. It’s official price is 70,000 Nigerian Naira but trust me, make sure you have more than that when you want to procure. How do you avoid getting fake passport? The answer to this question is very direct. Go to one of the Nigerian passport office to procure.

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