How To Apply For National Insurance Number In The UK

he National Insurance number is the major requirement to obtain if you desire to work in the UK. As a student or immigrant, you are eligible to apply for the NI number and the procedure usually takes about 4-6weeks. However, the processing and delivery might take a long time because of COVID-19.

How To Apply

You can apply through an agency or by visiting Currently, you can decide to apply through post Instead of visiting an identity appointment; However, you must include your proof of identity and pay cost of postage.

If you would love to register for an appointment time, here are the procedures;

  • You must arrive at the location 30-45mins before appointment time.
  • The purpose of the appointment is to determine if your reasons for wanting a NI number is genuine and also to check if your documents are complete.
  • It is also to make sure that there are no errors in the information provided and you are who you say you are.

After the session, a customer service line would be given to you to call if your NIN does not get to you within the time given. It is advisable you start applying for jobs 1 week to 2 weeks before your NI number is issued. This is so that you can avoid emergency tax which can be issued to you by your employer if you don’t have your NI number.

Documents Required To Obtain NI Number

To avoid denial of the NIN, the following documents must be submitted for processing;

  • Work Permitted Visa Documents: All the documents relating to your Visa be it current or extended
  • Address Verification: Your NIN would not be approved if you do not have a proof of living residence address. This can be hard because it sometimes takes a longer time for a student to be able to rent a place. If you stay with family or friends, Try and get a letter explaining your living condition which will be signed by the house owner.
  • A valid photo ID card or Passport

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