Fully Funded Scholarships Opportunities In Canada For International Students

One of the most difficult challenges students can face is having to come up with the tuition fees required to study in Canada after overcoming the admission hurdles and obtaining the student visa required to study in Canada.

This is why scholarships is a lifesaver for students intending to study abroad

Scholarships for Canada arecurrently open for Online applications for the academic Year for all National and International Students. 

You can be one of the winners of a fully funded Canadian scholarship funded by the Government of Canada.

Moreover, Justin Trudeau Scholarship Programs are also scholarships that can be given to Non-Canadian students.

However, they must have been accepted or are in year one, two, or three of a full-time program in the social sciences or humanities at a Canadian university.

For students who want to Pursue their Degree in Bachelors, Masters degree, and Ph.D. Degree Programs, listed below are some of the scholarships put together in Canada for international students

Scholarships For Canada For Bachelors, Masters And Doctoral Programs

Justin Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation Trudeau (french) is an independent charity founded in 2001 by the prime minister of Canada which supports creative and critical thinkers who make contributions to society through scholarships, felowships, mentorships and public interaction events.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Programs also provides funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants to the tune of ($70,000).

The focus of the fellowship program is to retain high level postdoctoral talents both nationally and internationally for the benefit of the country.

Funding, Scholarships And Awards At Queen’s University

Another university which offers, funding, awards, scholarships, and bursaries is the Queen’s University, which is located in Ontario.

The institution is well known for it’s contribution to funding talents in the country thereby retaining them for the growth of Canada and the world.

Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships At UBC

UBC, Canada offers a Graduate Global Leadership Scholarship to International Students showing outstanding performances and leadership in developmental works in their home country.

Vanier Canada Scholarship

Another scholarship opportunity is the  Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) which was launched by the government of Canada towards a doctoral degree (or combined MA|PhD or MD|PHD). Over 166 scolarships are awarded annually each valued at $50,000

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)- This is also a provincial Government run scheme which is for students who shows exceptional abilities and talent at the Master’s Level and Doctoral Level.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Ontario Trillium Scholarship is created for highly qualified students from all over the world to pursue Ph.D. programs in Ontario.

Albert Canadian Scholarship

This Albert Canadian scholarship is sponsored by a Canadian NGO and the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Students are Selected for this award on a yearly basis.

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