Best Recruitment Agencies In Canada For Foreigners And International Students

Working is one of the most important parts of surviving anywhere in the world. This is because working and earning income ensures not only survival but flourishing especially in a foreign country where you have no family and friends.

One of the reasons Canada is experiencing a high immigration rate is because they have a well-structured system which makes it easy to get formal and informal jobs if you are skilled in the area. A very good example of how they get that done is through recruitment agencies.

In earlier years, mass migration into Canada was only recorded in cities like Toronto, Alberta (Western Canada), and Vancouver However, the point-based visa approval systems put in place now ensure foreigners are well distributed across the country.

Canada’s GDP Annual Growth Rate has been averaging 2.98 percent from 1962 until 2021 which has translated into massive growth in almost every sector including energy, infrastructure, and this growth has caused a massive demand for highly educated and skilled professionals such as engineers, researchers, scientist, health care professionals.

Reasons Employers Love To Recruit Foreigners And Immigrants To Meet Their Organizational Needs

  1. Survival: They understand the need for immigrants to want to settle down and survive.
  2. Maximum Productivity: An immigrant generally does not want to be found ineffective or wanting so they put their best to work which generally leads to more productivity for the employer.
  3. Longevity: Unlike a canadian citizen, a foreigner must look carefully before jumping jobs or making any major decision that will affect his finances. So, they tends to work for long before even thinking
  4. Skill Shortage: Employers goes for foreigners when they cannot find Canadian or permanent residents to fill some important job positions.

List Of Recruitment Agencies In Canada And Their Contact Details

TM8 Recruitment

TM8 located at 1500 – 701 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC is one of the few reputable recruitment agencies that are able to deliver especially if your skill is in high demand.


Workvantage is located at 5000 Yonge Street Suite 1901, Toronto, On, M2N 7E9 with a branch office in Edmonton. With a 15years track record, you are sure to secure both informal and formal jobs in the different economic sectors.


Pinnacle is located on the 2nd Floor – 394 Graham Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0L4. They can diligently study your skills and certificates and recommend the best line of Jobs for you.

Noramtec Consultants

Noramtec has been around since 1964 and they have majorly been one of the biggest recruitment companies in Canada serving as far as North America.

Montreal: noramtec (Website)

Bilingual Source

Bilingual Source, a real vintage recruitment company was established in 1984. It is a very unique company as it covers both the English and French-speaking population and is located at 30 St CLair Ave West, 14tg floor, Toronto, Ontario M4V 3A1.

  • Contact: 416-515-8880

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