Available Informal Jobs In UK For Immigrants

One of the major fears of immigrating into another country is the fear of how to survive. Survival comes first to humanity and these includes; Feeding, shelter and clothing.

Other things pale in comparison to these three things. Once these three have been settled either by working or being provided for, then we can think of stability and flourishing. However, believe me when I say the UK is not a place where you want to be dependent on another as a matured man or woman.

It has been recorded that UK experienced a 30% reduction in their GDP since the lockdown due to COVID-19 started in 2020. However, the lockdown also influence the rise or need for some types of jobs in the UK.

What are Informal Jobs?

The following characterises an informal Job;

  • They have no fixed employer.
  • They have no formal contract like health insurance or pension etc
  • Their services are majorly adhoc services. For example, workers needed for a duration of a project.

Current Abundant Jobs in the UK

Support Jobs

The need for Support increased during the pandemic. Many old people’s home, personal homes etc now needed able-bodied young men and ladies who can help the old and invalid.

Ware house Jobs

There are different types of ware house Jobs available which does not need any formal certificate. These include;

  • Forklift operators
  • Inventory Manager
  • Warehouse Associates
  • Machine handlers
  • Warehouse packer etc.

Other informal jobs can be categorized into workers in restaurants and hotels, janitor, security guards, construction workers and office helps. It should be noted that unlike in Nigeria where we have odd jobs, there is no odd jobs in the UK. You do your job with pride.

Security Measures

Although, getting an informal Job can be easy in the UK; However, there are few requirements which must be fulfilled before you can get jobs. There are also things you could do which would be an impediment or challenge to getting a job.

Working Hours for Immigrants

As a student or immigrants, you are allowed to work for only 20hours a week. If you are detected to working more than the required time, your visa would be cancelled and you will be deported.

Illegal Stay

If you have overstayed the duration terms of your VISA, the numbers of jobs you can apply for is extremely reduced and you might be underpaid as your employer knows he cannot be reported to the authorities.

Criminal Record

For any job you intend to apply for, you cannot escape a background check which also include providing reference in your formal work place who can attest to your good behaviours. So, while in the UK, make sure you are of the best behaviour and nothing puts a smear on your record. Having a criminal record almost erases your opportunity of ever getting a job.

National insurance number

This is very important for you to get a job. I have written extensively on this topic and you can read more about it here.

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