22 Jobs Added to Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List in Australia

The PMSOL otherwise known as Priority Migration Skilled Occupation is a list you must know if you ever desire to immigrate to Australia. This is because being skilled or a professional in any of these skills gives you an edge over others during application.


These list of jobs are important as they constitute elements that will boost Australia’s GDP and help Australia make quick recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. So priority is given for any applicant that adds certificate of proficiency in any of the jobs to his Visa Documents.

Press release on June 22, 2021, the minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant services and affairs concerning multicultural, Alex Hawke announced the inclusion of 22 more occupations to the list that was created on the 20th September, 2020 making it a total of 41 occupations.

Migration Skilled Occupation List in Australia

The addition became a compulsion after different consultations with industries and sector leaders. Please see below the list of 22 jobs added to the PMSOL. This decision to add these occupations was made in conjunction with Australia’s National skills commission.

Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations [ANZSCO] CodeOccupation
ANZSCO 221111Accountant [General]
ANZSCO 221113Accountant [Taxation]
ANZSCO 221112Accountant [Management]
ANZSCO 221213External Auditor
ANZSCO 221214Internal Auditor
ANZSCO 233311Electrical Engineer
ANZSCO 233211Civil Engineer
ANZSCO 233214Structural Engineer
ANZSCO 233212Geotechnical Engineer
ANZSCO 233215Transport Engineer
ANZSCO 233611Mining Engineer
ANZSCO 233612Petroleum Engineer
ANZSCO 232212Surveyor
ANZSCO 232213Cartographer
ANZSCO 232214Other Spatial Scientist
ANZSCO 234611Medical Laboratory Scientist
ANZSCO 251912Orthotist / Prosthetist
ANZSCO 261211Multimedia Specialist
ANZSCO 261311Analyst Programmer
ANZSCO 261399Software and Applications Programmers
ANZSCO 262112ICT Security Specialist
ANZSCO 351311Chef


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