The Next Travel Destinations After Dubai- Dubai’s travel ban

The UAE is one of the world’s greatest tourism centers where you can actually relax without any economic or political fears.


In the light of the beautiful country’s temporary travel ban on some countries including Nigeria, where do we go? We still need to go for vacation and definitely tour some breathtaking locations.

Here are some other countries you can visit which has almost the same effect as visiting Dubai (These countries are currently allowing tourist with the 24-48hrs covid negative result)


Africa in terms of tourism is full of magnificent scenes, mountains, coastlines, and wildlife. Among them stands a very unique location called The Victoria & Alfred waterfront. V&A is actually a neighborhood, However, 3 things make it so unique and beautiful;

  • It exists on the Atlantic shore and has the most beautiful waterfront view ever.
  • It has a table mountain backdrop complementing the view
  • The ever-bustling life and happy people. This beautiful travel destination boast of over 23million tourist visit in a year.


Another location of tourism excellence is Kenya. Kenya have coastlines that will dazzle you in Mombasa.

Also, the Kenya Safari which includes the Samburu and the Ambocelli national park boasts of numerous wild animals that are not aggressive to tourist (That does not mean you should approach them without a guide; wild animals are unpredictable)

However, the fact that you get to be just a few feet to wildlife is the peak of all adventures. Almost equal to this is Mount Kenya which receives hikers and mountain climbers from all over the world.

Maldives Resort (South Asia)

Maldives Island is just the place to be if you are trying to relax and enjoy the best of services and luxury. The beaches allow for scuba diving, Snorkeling, water skiing etc.

The numerous coral island with surrounding leaves and palm trees makes this island breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing. However, make sure you have saved enough money. You don’t want to go to this beautiful Island on a low budget.

I will also advise you not to stray away too much out of the resort as security in Maldives is not as evolved as the securities in the developed countries.

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