The Best Travel Insurance Companies you need to know

All the biggest insurance companies in the world have travel insurance packages which are very good; however, depending on some factors, not all of these insurances are well suited for you.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Travel Insurance Package Or Company

Frequency Of Travel

The number of times you travel matters a lot and is one of the most important factors to consider. When choosing a package or even a travel company to register with.

For a travel blogger, YouTuber or an executive whose job depends on traveling, definitely, getting an insurance package will be of great benefit unlike if you only travel for vacation purposes.

Travel Destination

Are you traveling locally or internationally? Is it within Africa, Europe, or anywhere in the world? This is important you want to consider the cost of travel versus travel insurance package.

Purpose Of Travel

Are you thinking of getting a medical evacuation cover or just a travel plan? Are you traveling as a tourist or as a doctor across the border?

Travel Insurance Companies

In no ranking order, Here are the most assured travel insurance companies;

AIG Travels

I’m starting with AIG travels because they were awarded top honors by Forbes Advisor in their Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2020 out of 15 travel insurance companies that were ranked.

The popular travel insurance company has different travel insurance packages which basically cover all the areas where traveling can make you lose money.

Previously, they had 3 plans which are Platinum Gold and Silver. Currently, they have added 3 more plans which are Deluxe, Preferred, and Essential

HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide is another trusted travel insurance company that offers different plans and covers from medical to Luggage theft which also includes; hospital care, surgery, prescription drugs, and medical evacuation

They have a single trip plan and multi-trip plan and their Medevac covers pre-existing conditions. HTH covers not only travel; its services extend to health, life and academic, etc

AXA Mansard Travel Insurance

AXA Mansard is an indigenous company and a member of AXA Group which has an estimation of about 166,000 employees serving around 107 Million clients in 64 countries around the world.

Travel services includes:

  • Compensation of unplanned cost if the flight is delayed
  • A registered member is covered if the luggage is misplaced or stolen
  • Medical Evacuation purposes both locally and internationally
  • Expenses accrued due to trip cancellation which is caused by the death of relatives
  • If the luggage were hijacked during transit
  • Mortal remain repatriation


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